Whatever you need we can help. No project is too big or too small. HD, UHD, Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos or VR, we can do it all.

Media Management

Utilising petabytes of storage The Farm offers a complete range of media management services across UHD, 4K, 2K & HD.

Location & Workflow Services

We offer domestic and international services to compliment your location production. From data wrangling through to delivery for tight turn around and live transmissions, our specialists can ensure that no detail is missed.

Using Streambox (video) and Source Connect (audio), The Farm can now offer you the ability to view and sign-off online, grade and audio sessions

Content Fulfillment

As well as traditional post production services, The Farm has recently expanded its service offering to include full media and workflow management for asset delivery and distribution; broadcasters, theatrical and OTT.

including DCP, IMF, Pro Res, MXF and DPP AS11

including 5-point check

Programme masters and streaming masters


The Farm has over 150 roomy offline suites, offering natural light and of course a sofa. Using the latest editing software, we ensure you have the professional tools you need to tell your story.

Once your project moves into the Online & Mastering stage, we have finishing solutions to suit your 4K, UHD SDR/HDR, or HD workflows.


Ghost VFX (UK)

Ghost VFX UK, formally FarmFX, provides full visual effects, animation and motion graphics services

With an arsenal of Flames & Nukes, we can answer all your needs.


Leave the tech to us and use our colour artists to turn terms like HDR, rec2020, P3 and ACES into beautiful pictures on a television screen.

Our colourists work across a variety of platforms using Dolby PRM and Sony X series monitoring including;


The Farm’s audio department offers a full range of services for both scripted and non-scripted productions across 20+ audio suites.  Capable of mixing in; 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 & Dolby Atmos our studios are equipped with Avid S6 / Avid D-Command control surfaces.

All of our VO booths are equipped with high quality Grace Design microphone amplifiers and Neumann microphones


The Farm’s proprietary secure remote service offering a bespoke client portal enabling you to track and monitor your assets from your own location in your own time.


including SPOTS, The Farm’s answer to file-based production deliverables

Remote Services

The Farm offers remote working solutions for your production from offline edit through to final post review in HD, UHD SDR or HDR. Our experts are here to help ensure you can carry on working outside of our Farm facilities.


  • Remote collaborative editing
  • Live remote viewing via FRED Live
  • Collaborative approval and feedback with our FRED app
  • Accelerated file transfers from/to remote locations
  • Remote rushes logging
  • Remote collaborative online editing
  • Live remote review from HD SDR to UHD HDR
  • Collaborative approval and feedback with our FRED app
  • Live remote review from HD SDR to UHD HDR
  • Facility to facility review
  • Remote VO
  • Remote Mix and VO review
  • Remote review