Zapped Series 2

Baby Cow | Dave

Nuala Sheridan


Barney Jordan


Tom Corbett


Chelsea Chandler

Full post-production on Baby Cow’s 6 x 30-minute fantasy comedy series for Dave.

Nuala Sheridan built a Log to Linear LUT with blue, teal bases which created bold atmospheres. Sheridan added shapes of low contrast to mimic the smoke used on set, allowing for a stimulating texture in frames and ensuring shots matched.

Barney Jordan completed online and 2D VFXs in Autodesk Flame to create the fantasy world of Zapped.

Tom Corbett mixed the stereo audio using ProTools 12 to create alternate fantasy world environments. Corbett recorded crowd ADR with specific shouts from the world to heighten atmospheric soundscapes. Tom Povey completed the Sound Design for the magical elements.

Post produced by Chelsea Chandler.

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