AbbottVision | Sky Max & NOW | 10/09/21

Full post production and additional VFX on six-part Sky original crime drama series for Sky Max and NOW.


Prof. Wolfe Kinteh, North England’s best Forensic Scientist – he’s half genius, half liability, bending any rule that he encounters, piecing together the parts (literally in most cases) of outlandish and unconventional investigations. A feel-good show about dead folks, razor-sharp new forensic crime drama from Paul Abbott (Shameless, State of Play, Clocking Off, and No Offence).


Graded by Sonny Sheridan in UHD HDR & SDR using Digital Vision’s Nucoda.


Mark Briscoe and Mark Ryder mixed the audio in Atmos and 5.1 using ProTools Ultimate.


Alex Howells completed the UHD HDR & SDR online using Autodesk Flame.


Post produced by Laura Praciak in Farm Manchester.


Ghost VFX UK artists Gabriel Valente, Krisztian Dani, Matthew Fitzgerald, Cristina Recuero, Riess Shafique, and Joe Wreford completed some of the VFX shots for the series. 


VFX Produced at Ghost VFX UK by Hannah Entwistle.

Key Art 9X16