Wild at Heart Christmas special

Company Television Productions | ITV1

Sonny Sheridan


Clyde Kellett


1 x 120 Minutes

Alice is back at Leopards Den, but combining work and caring for baby Robert leads to tensions with Danny. New neighbor Martin makes a play for Alice; Liv and Fatani face relationship challenges; and nobody likes Rosie's fiancé Dylan. A trip to the doctor brings a frightening prognosis for Du Plessis, and the family is devastated when their three-legged cheetah Cassidy is stolen by poachers. Tensions are at a boiling point, and Dup realizes he has to use his remaining time to fix his ailing family. He persuades Dylan to fly them all to Zimbabwe to rescue the cheetah, to prove to Danny that his future son-in-law is worthy. As the wedding approaches Danny and Dup set out on one last adventure with the bride and groom to be. When the poacher's identity is revealed, Rosie is forced to fly the plane away from danger and it looks as though Du Plessis has hatched his last disastrous plan.