Baby Cow Productions | Dave

Sonny Sheridan


Tam Osman


Tom Corbett


Chelsea Chandler

Full post production on 6 x 40 min comedy series for Dave, written by Andy Milligan, Sacha Alexander, Mark Staheli and directed by Dave Lambert.

Undercover is a high stakes action comedy about a lonely, and neurotic police officer – Chris – who finds himself hopelessly out of his depth when he infiltrates an Armenian crime family.

Colourist Sonny Sheridan graded the series with the Nucoda Film Master, creating a stylized and filmic guise throughout.

Sheridan utilized the H-curves, twisting overall hues, as well as de-saturating the blacks to compliment the tension and jeopardy of the series.

Tom Corbett mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11, creating a mix that emulates a police drama and Tam Osman completed the online with Avid Symphony.