Tomorrow’s World: Invented in… the West Country

Grace Productions | BBC One

Eoghan Bennett

Full post production on 1 x 30-minute documentary for BBC One.

Paralympic swimmer Kate Grey hasn't used her plastic NHS-issue prosthetic arm for years. In the pool, it got in the way. Now she's taken up cycling, she needs a new limb to replace the hand she lost in a sausage machine at her grandparents' farm when she was two.

Through her own story, Kate explores the world of prosthetic inventors. She tries out the latest 3D-printed bionics being pioneered by West Country inventors, as well as the first prosthetics manufactured by Chard shoemaker James Gillingham 150 years ago, and explores how x-rays, also pioneered in Chard, helped revolutionise medical care for amputees.

Full post production at Farm West.

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