This Time with Alan Partridge Series 2

Baby Cow Productions | BBC One | 30/04/21

Tom Corbett


Gabriel Valente


Chelsea Chandler


Hannah Entwistle

Full post production on six-part series for BBC One.

The comedy icon returns to mark the 25th anniversary of his BBC debut. This evening's weekday magazine show is a heady mix of consumer affairs, current affairs, and lightweight frothy drivel. Presenting This Time ‘as live’, Alan tries to keep proceedings ticking along while everything around him crumbles. This kind of format can flip in the blink of an eye from a moving piece on child soldiers in West Africa to a VT about a vegetable growing competition in Yorkshire. With the sheer variety of topics covered, striking the right tone would be dizzyingly hard even for a skilled presenter. So, for Alan, it will be pretty much impossible.

Tom Corbett mixed the audio using Pro Tools Ultimate.

Thomas Holborow completed the online using Avid Symphony.

Post produced by Chelsea Chandler.