Thief Trackers Series 3

Crook Productions | BBC One

Cas Casey


Finishing post-production on hidden camera documentary series, telling the story of what becomes of our everyday possessions when they are stolen.

The majority of footage was captured on hidden cameras, which enabled stabilisation and restoration to become key elements of picture post. Avid’s Boris Continuum Complete plugin was used for cleaning up particularly noisy shots and any formats in a non-standard aspect ratio, such as camera phones, were made suitable for broadcast using BCC Reframe.

There was, understandably, an emphasis on blurring, including vehicle license plates, sensitive on-screen information and passers-by. Boris Mocha plugin was used to aid quick and efficient tracking, handling reflections and motion blurs with ease and reducing the amount of manual key framing required.

Izotope RX6 were used to make dialogue clear and intelligible by removing mic rustle, wind rumble and other ambient noise. Voiceover was recorded & attended remotely between the Farm’s sites in Bristol & London using Source Connect alongside Pro Tools 12.

Online edits were completed by Farm editors Cas Casey, Duncan Armstrong and Ed Gibbs.

Post produced by Eoghan Bennett.

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