The Windsors Series 2

Noho Film & TV | Channel 4

Nuala Sheridan


Tom Corbett


Chelsea Chandler

Full post-production on the return series of Noho Film & TV’s satirical royal comedy for Channel 4.

Colourist Nuala Sheridan graded the six-part series using Digital Visions’ Nucoda, adding many layers to increase saturation and recover highlights through large windows to ensure palace interiors were opulent. During a particular scene in downtown Poundbury, blue and green tones were introduced into shadows to further decrease saturation. Colour curves and adjustment layers were utilised to achieve the appearance of moonlight, when original shot during sunlight.

Tom Corbett mixed the audio using Protools 12 on an Avid S6 Console. Various Isotope RX6 noise reduction plugins were used to establish and isolate dialogue in barren and remote scenes. Scenes constantly switch from the refined confines of Clarence House and Kensington palace to alternative environments, optimizing sound design opportunities for sound designer, Tom Povey.

Thomas Holborow completed the online using Avid Symphony. Boris and Sapphire plug-ins were often used to achieve desired looks.

Post produced by Chelsea Chandler.

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