The Tribe

Renegade Pictures | Channel 4

Sonny Sheridan


Nick Fry


Tam Osman


Chelsea Chandler

Full post production on 4 x 60 min series for Channel 4.

This brand new observational documentary series will explore the day-to-day family life of a rural African tribe never before seen using ‘fixed rig’ camera technology: capturing the intricacies of their relationships, their social bonds and attitudes towards parenting and the community and the modernisation that is slowly being introduced into daily life with the arrival of new technologies and first world consumer products.

The biggest challenge The Farm faced when asked by Renegade Pictures to work with them on their ambitious project, The Tribe, was how to work with their native language spoken by only 20,000 people in the world.

The Farm’s Jack Edney says: ‘Filmed over 4 weeks in Ethiopia, and with all editing based at The Farm’s Shed facility, we needed to find a way to provide the production and editing team with English translations for all of the rushes captured to enable them to assemble the show without compromising on time or creativity. The answer to the problem was to create subtitle files to overlay on all rig and PSC rushes.’

The Farm’s software development team rose to the challenge, developing FRED, our bespoke online viewing and logging platform to support the creation and export of the subtitle files in an Avid ready format.

Ultimately, all rushes were imported into FRED, and transcribed by interpreters both on location and in post.  Subtitles were then exported on a scene by scene basis, and overlayed onto the vast volumes of material in the Avid offlines.

This enabled the editors to access their rushes material swiftly and understand what they were working with.

Sonny Sheridan graded the series using the Nucoda Film Master adding brightness regions to lift very dark scenes and creating a clarity which enhances the warm tones of the vibrant village life. Sheridan used hue curves to adjust and correct the colour balance and sub keys to take down highlights, overall keeping the beauty of Africa and the warmth of its people.

Nick Fry mixed the audio in Pro Tools 11, having to choose from at least 40 different mics and using a mixture of EQ and audio restoration plug-ins to produce a final mix. Fry also used sound taken from various wild track sources to produce a full soundtrack. Tam Osman completed the online in Avid Symphony.