The Secret Life of Students

Raw TV | Channel 4

Nick Cox


Full post production on 4 x 60 min documentary for Channel 4.

The Secret Life of Students presents all the drama, gossip and goings-on from 12 freshers embarking on their first year at Leicester University.

It's not just their grades that are being examined; these students' texts, tweets, pictures, videos and status updates pop up on screen alongside their on-campus shenanigans. From neknominations to 3000-student strong bar crawls, getting 'smashed and dashed' and gossip spreading like wildfire, how do the students cope in their first term? Will they struggle with homesickness as lectures begin and the reality of living away from home sets in? And how will their social media updates correlate with their real life experiences?

Del Shoebridge completed the online and grade with Avid Symphony, using Symphony's colour correction tool to apply the overall look for the series. Nick Cox mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11.