The Nightcrawlers

Violet Films | Nat Geo | 13/09/19

Sonny Sheridan


Tam Osman


Kelly Giles

Full post production on the 40 minute documentary for National Geographic.

An unflinching, verite-style expose, "The Nightcrawlers" follows a determined group of photojournalists on their mission to chronicle the deadly battle being waged against the Philippines' drug epidemic - and the tragic cost of this brutal crusade. Directed with pulse-pounding intensity by first-time director Alexander A. Mora, the documentary trails Raffy Lerma, a former staff photographer for a prominent newspaper, as he joins forces with a team of bold freelance photojournalists, or "nightcrawlers," who are covering a wave of extrajudicial killings that, by some estimates, has claimed as many as 27,000 lives. With unprecedented access the film also features shocking interviews with members of a mysterious death squad that prowls the city's back alleys in search of people they are paid to kill with impunity.

Sonny Sheridan completed the grade using Digital Visions Nucoda.

Tam Osman completed the online using Avid Symphony.

Steve Speed mixed the audio on Pro Tools 12.

Will Chapman completed the tracklay using Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Kelly Giles.

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