The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan Series 2

Rumpus Media | BBC TWO | 29/07/19

Danielle Kranendonk

Full post production on the 4 x 60 minute offbeat travel series for BBC Two.

Comedian and self-confessed coward Romesh Ranganathan is, once again, traveling to some of the world's most unlikely holiday destinations. He's heading to countries including Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Colombia and Bosnia to find out whether there's more to these places than negative headlines and if they might in fact be perfect holiday spots. There's only one problem. Romesh can barely negotiate a travel plug, let alone a hostile foreign situation - so he's going to need a local host to help him out. Romesh encounters extraordinary characters, bizarre subcultures and surprising shared passions. If he could only find a vegan meal, he might learn to love this life of adventure.

The series was graded by Sonny Sheridan and Dan Gill on Digital Visions Nucoda.

Tom Holborow completed the online edit on Avid Symphony.

Tristan Powell mixed the audio with Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Danielle Kranendonk.

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