The Jump Series 4

TwoFour Productions | Channel 4

Tommy Leigh

The Farm Group supplied 6 x Edit suites and 6 x Ingest Stations (in an MCR) all running Avid Symphony Version 8.6 with Sapphire, Boris and MagicBullet plugins to location in Austria.

Each suite connects to a 196TB Nexis system.

During the celebrities training and events filming The Farm also provided (highly spec'ed) data wrangling personnel and kits. (3 x MacBook Pro's 3 x G-Safe storage devices, 3 x Sonnet Qio super-fast card readers). All wrangled data is ingested at native HD by the Farms edit assistant team (x 4) and made available for the edit team.

The workflow has been set up to integrate into CTV's (the OB company providing facilities) EVS system to ensure an efficient ingest of finished VT content right up to TX.

All VT's will be delivered to the truck by file on dedicated hard drives, whilst a backup is sent using Media Shuttle over a high speed internet connection. This connection is available to the OB truck. The main show and ISO recordings of the events will be recorded on EVS and sent back to the edit as Avid friendly files.

The facility is built on the 2nd floor of an office block in Innsbruck, 40km from Kuthai (the venue for the Live Shows).

Dave Logsdon manages The project in Austria.

Post produced by Tommy Leigh.

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