The Joy of Data

Wingspan Productions | BBC Four

Nuala Sheridan


Damon Tai


Lauren Ellis-Jones

Full post production on 1 x 60 min science documentary for BBC Four.

Have you ever thought, what connects marmalade, socks and One Direction…data?

Mathematician Lecturer, Dr Hannah Fry explores this significant word of our times by revealing the hidden structure behind Wikipedia, the astonishing network map and why data is the bridge to understanding everything.

Fry is witty and exhilarating, telling the story of the engineers who begun the data world revolution and may confess how the joy of data for her is all about spotting patterns.

What does Fry conclude? Has data empowered all of us? Should we be thinking what data could or should change in our future?

Nuala Sheridan graded the one off documentary with Nucoda Film Master. Damon Tai completed the online with Avid Symphony and Damian Reynolds mixed the audio using Pro Tools 12.

Post-Produced by Lauren Ellis-Jones.

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