The Honourable Woman

Eight Rooks Productions and Drama Republic | BBC 2

Perry Gibbs


Owen Hulme


Picture and audio post production on 8 x 60 min drama series for BBC 2.

The Honourable Woman tells the story of one woman’s personal journey to right her father's wrongs. Featuring a stellar cast including Academy Award nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal in the lead role as Nessa Stein, this compelling drama written and directed by BAFTA winning Hugo Blick (The Shadow Line) draws Nessa into a complex and dangerous world of international conspiracy and espionage.

Perry Gibbs graded Hugo Blick's 8-part political drama with the Nucoda Film Master using a variety of complimentary techniques to move the story backwards and forwards in time. Grain and print emulation was used to add age, and cloud plug-ins were used to maintain and blend dust levels throughout the action sequences. 'I wanted to grade the show in a way that allowed the audience to get the most from the drama without being too intrusive’, said Gibbs.

Nigel Edwards mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11 and Owen Hulme completed the online with DS Nitris.