The Great British Sex Survey

Swan Films | Channel 4

Dan Gill


Barney Jordan


Full post production on 1 x 90 min one-off documentary for Channel 4.

Based on a specially commissioned survey from YouGov this feature-length programme reveals the UK’s top ten favourite fetishes, kinks and unusual sexual practices, while experts including psychotherapist Philippa Perry and sexologist Goedele Liekens explain what drives our diverse sexual desires.

Dan Gill graded the one-off with the Nucoda Film Master. Gill avoided creating a dark and sordid guise to the documentary, by keeping the grade light and bright, upholding a sense of humour surrounding sex fetishes.

Laurence Gale mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11 and Barney Jordan completed FX and online with DS Nitirs.

Post produced by Ed Smalley and Lauren Ellis-Jones

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