The Grand Tour

Chump Productions | Amazon Prime Video

Dan Gill


Lauren Andrew

Full picture and audio post production on 11 x 60 min and 1 x 90 min UHD HDR series for Amazon Prime.

Shot 4K and graded in HDR, The Grand Tour uses the latest technologies to give each film its own distinct look. The Grand Tour has travelled across the world to over 40 countries, setting up the ground breaking studio “tent” in 11 of them.

Shot on a range of cameras including the Arri Alexa, GH4, Red Dragon, Phantom and Go Pro, colourist Dan Gill graded the series using Digital Visions Nucoda. The delivery requirements for Amazon necessitated Gill grading two versions of each film, one in SDR and the second in HDR (using the original SDR grade as the creative reference). Bringing a new way of working creatively and technically within the latest version of Nucoda, Gill used the ACES colour management system to switch between both the SDR and HDR colour spaces.

Under the eye of the creative vision of the Chump Production team the spectacular films required distinct and contrasting looks. The Road films range from stylised documentary through to Hollywood action movie whilst the Power tests were approached more like commercials or music promos, Gill applied look changes, flashes, flares, hyper-real colours and virtual monochrome to amplify the diversity of the landscapes and draw as much attention as possible to the cars.

With FX and dialogue editing completed by Tom Povey, Alastair McCleave mixed the audio in 5.1 with Avid’s S6 console which provided the high levels of creative space and flexibility needed to create stunning sound scapes.

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