The Graham Norton Show Series 19


Chris Evans

Picture and audio post production on series 19 of the chat show for BBC 1.

Series Producer Jon Magnusson uses FCP to create a rough cut that is delivered to The Farm as an EDL.

Editor Perry Widdowson creates a polished and dubbed final TX master using Avid Symphony for the fast turnaround chat show. Widdowson passes all the audio directly out of the Avid into an outboard Yamaha DM1000 digital mixer, as there is not enough edit time to complete the mix as a separate pass.

The Yamaha DM1000 has full fader automation which is timecode driven from an LTC timecode track Widdowson places on the timeline. That way he can re-edit and re-order the show at any time and preserve all the mixer automation he’s performed during the day.