The Getaway Car

BBC In-House Entertainment | BBC 1

Chris Chalmers

Full post production on 12 x 60 min series for BBC 1.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the South African countryside, the Getaway Car puts five couples through a relationship MOT. They test their nerves, driving ability and communication skills in a series of thrilling car-based challenges.

Colin Peters graded the series with the Nucoda Film Master, and using tools such as multi-layering and iKeyer, Peters was able to pick out individual colours and magnify them complimenting the beautiful South African surroundings.

Gary Kelly and Emilie Thomson mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11. Kelly and The Farm Audio Team built the sound design of the various cars used throughout the series from scratch; from the design of the dirt buggy to the high end sports cars. During the mix, Kelly completed FX work such as added comedic bangs and crashes as the cars get raced through the obstacle course. Furthermore, Kelly used iZotope plugins to restore audio from inside the cars.

Del Shoebridge completed the online with Avid Symphony and Chris Chalmers post produced the series.