Strike Back: Vendetta

Left Bank Pictures | Sky One | 25/02/20

Ghost VFX

Gabriel Valente

Matt Richardson

Matthew Fitzgerald

Krisztian Dani

Riess Shafique

Sam Ridgway

Melissa Curran

Elaine Sprankle


Daniel Smith

VFX on the drama series for Sky One.

Strike Back returns for its eighth and final season as members of Section 20 are thrown back into combat in the Balkans,

Ghost FX UK used Maya and Nuke to enhance an explosion and add damage to surrounding buildings in Episode 5's suicide bomber scene and explosion enhancement, clean-up, launching rockets, GFX within the helicopter cockpit, and compositing different shot elements in Episode 10's helicopter chase sequence.

VFX produced by Daniel Smith.

KA 04 Strikebackvendetta S08