Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Series 2

Carnival Films | Sky 1

Sonny Sheridan


Clyde Kellett


Harriet Dale

Full post production on Carnival Films 10 x 60 min second series for Sky 1.

Colourist Sonny Sheridan graded the returning series of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man using Digital Vision’s Nucoda. Sheridan, having graded series one, worked closely with Executive Producer Richard Fell and continued to push boundaries to create the epic, cinematic tone. The stylised, comic book atmosphere, that was visually identified in the first series, gave a vibrancy to the heightened reality, reflecting DI Clayton’s life on the edge.

Sheridan applied many layers, each incorporating a different colour correction tool including Contrast and Saturation, Hue and Luminance to compliment the scene at hand. All the subjects and elements in every shot had high attention to detail to secure that equal amounts of stylisation were applied to maintain consistency.
In some instances, black and mid-tones were stretched, adding depth to scenes to immerse the viewer whilst tones and textures were explored via pushing the saturation and twisting hues to achieve the stylistic dynamic appearance. The theme of a man granted the power to control luck via a magic bracelet gave Sheridan the visual license to do this.
Dubbing Mixer, Andrew Godwin mixed the audio using ProTools HDX version 12, on the new Avid S6 console which allowed each music cue to be separated into twelve stems, giving huge control over every element of music. Utilising iZotopes RX5, Audio Restoration Tools and Ultiverb Reverb Plug-ins, Andrew Godwin created a dynamic atmosphere for the series.

Certain locations had a naturalistic sound which gave great contrast to the events which were influenced by the bracelet. Particular sounds like cards being dealt were heightened to increase the intensity. This combined with atmospheric sound design created dynamic stylised ambiences.

Clyde Kellett completed the online and FX using Avid DS Nitris. Many layers of glows, wipes and transitions were applied using Boris and Sapphire Plug-ins to compliment the content of the series.

Post produced by Nick Baker.

LM2_KEYART_Carnival_Landscape_final_clean_75__1400.png (3)