Eagle Eye Films Festival Distribution 21.04.15

Finishing post production on 1 x 22 min short film for festival distribution.

The friendship of two boys is tested to its limits as they battle for survival during the Kosovo war...

Dan Gill graded the film with the Nucoda Film Master.

Set during the Kosovo war, Gill wanted to portray a depressed and dangerous environment for the town where the army were in control, whilst also highlighting the beauty of the country, seen wide landscapes shots.

During the town and army scenes Gill used a de-saturated, cold, harsh urban look with blues and greens in the lower midtones. For the safer environments, such as the boy’s home and school, Gill used warmer tones. The landscape shots had more warmth, colour and brightness to bring out that beautiful countryside.

Jack Meadows mixed the film with Pro Tools 11 and Tom Mooring completed the online with Avid Symphony.

Shok was accepted into the Aspen Short Film Festival in 2015 and won BEST DRAMA, THE YOUTH JURY PRIZE & AUDIENCE SPECIAL RECOGNITION.

Following it's impressive showing at festivals across Europe and North America, Shok was nominated for an Oscar, in the Live Action Short category.