Searching for Mum

Raw TV | BBC Two

Dan Gill


Over 11,000 people who were born in Sri Lanka have been adopted overseas. Many of them have grown with little knowledge of the people or culture they left behind. This film follows two women - both adopted as babies - as they return to Sri Lanka to try and find their birth families. They are searching not just for their relatives, but also for a lost identity.

This series examines one of the great questions we all ask ourselves - who are we really? By following two brave women on the most important journey of their lives, it explores how ideas of family and roots - that so many of us take for granted - can become so confused when you have no idea who brought you into this world and why they gave you away.

Dan Gill graded the series using Digital Visions Nucoda, with Ed Gibbs completing the online using Avid Symphony.

Jack Meadows mixed the audio using Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Eoghan Bennett.