Safe House Series 2

Eleventh Hour Films | Channel 4

Perry Gibbs


Owen Hulme


Harriet Dale

Picture post-production on the return series of Eleventh Hour Films thriller drama starring, Zoë Tapper and Stephen Moyer for ITV.

Colourist Perry Gibbs graded the returning four-part series using Digital Vision’s Nucoda. DOP Baz Irvine and Director Marc Evans used their shared photographic style and eye for architectural detail to help capture the moods and tones of the rugged coastline of their Anglesea location. They shot on the Arri Alexa Mini with Leica Summilux lenses to give a strong cinematic look with shallow depth of field, helping to isolate the characters in their environments. Using a combination of subtle film emulation techniques, Perry and Baz worked closely to further enhance the cooler urban tones of Liverpool, and contrast them with the sepia tones of the windswept coastal retreat. Increasing levels of desaturation were used to underscore the tension in the unfolding drama, resulting in the creation of a modern noir thriller with a strong photographic look.

Owen Hulme created the title sequence for the series as well as completing the VFX and online using Avid DS Nitris.

Post produced The Farm Drama team.

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