Red Dwarf XII

Baby Cow | Dave

Barney Jordan


Tom Corbett


Chelsea Chandler

Complete post-production on the twelfth series of the sci-fi comedy.

FX editor Barney Jordan, working with Doug and Richard Naylor, was involved in the initial storyboarding before completing both the 2D VFX and the online using Avid DS.

Dubbing mixer Tom Corbett mixed the audio in 5.1, using ProTools 12. Referencing the original SFX, he rebuilt sound kits for all locations, vehicles and characters, incorporating earlier versions into a modern, layered soundscape. Bringing the subtle sound design to the foreground while maintaining the live audiences’ characteristic high spirits posed a challenge. These temp tracks were then fed back into the edit to help cut the episodes.

Colourist Perry Gibbs graded the series using Digital Vision’s Nucoda.

Post produced by Chelsea Chandler.

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