Red Dwarf XI

Baby Cow | Dave

Full post-production on 6 x 30 min episodes for Dave Channel.

With a nod to various film and sci-fi references, including earlier episodes of itself, Perry Gibbs graded the series using Digital Vision’s Film Master. Being a multi-camera studio shoot, a substantial amount of shapes and tracks were used to brighten faces and darken sets to increase contrast and depth.

Tom Corbett mixed the audio for the cult sci-fi series using Pro Tools 12 and Avid’s S6 Console. Most scenes are shot in front of a live audience, but some are pre-recorded, therefore the acoustic is quite different between the two, so the challenge was to bed them in so they feel seamless within a sequence. Moreover, a great amount of harmonizers and vocoders were used on all the characters to give each voice and scene a different feel and atmosphere.

Sound designer, Emilie Thomson, was able to give every ship that the Red Dwarf team encounter its own identity – from the atmospheres to the ship engines.

Barney Jordan was involved right from the start of Series 11 by looking through initial storyboards with Doug and Richard Naylor to fully achieve what they envisioned. Using Avid DS, Jordan completed both the 2D Visual Effects and the online in one suite, streamlining the post production process.

Axis completed 3D CGI on the series.

The series was post produced by Chelsea Chandler.


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