Kind Productions | Festival distribution

Perry Gibbs


Full post production on short film for festival distribution.

Are funerals for the dead or the living?

When couples come from different cultures, the rites of passage that once brought families together may bring bitter conflict.

Rachel has abandoned her Jewish roots for a new life with her surfer boyfriend JOSH but, when she dies, her father FRANK comes to claim her body for burial the next day in the traditional way.

Frank is a flawed man but he’s doing what he thinks is the right thing and acting as a loving father. Whoever wins, it's a tragedy. Josh is a gentle guy, doesn't want to hurt anyone, but Rachel demands that he defends her right to a send off that will break her parents’ hearts.

Perry Gibbs graded the short film using Digital Vision’s Nucoda.

Aidan Bennett completed the online using Avid Symphony.

Andrew Godwin mixed the short film and completed the Sound Design using ProTools 12.

Post produced by The Farm Group.

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