Brown Bag Films | Universal Kids TV | 19/02/20

Full post production on the new series, Powerbirds, for Universal Kids TV.

Ace and Polly at first glance seem like ordinary pets, but they’re not your average birds, both possessing special super powers. Inspired by their owner Max’s love of comic books, Ace and Polly’s oversized imaginations take them on heroic superhero adventures. Unbeknownst to Max, whenever he leaves for the day, Ace and Polly spring into action as the Powerbirds! In each episode, they use superhero powers such as the fantastic freeze, super sight, super speed and beyond, to save their neighbourhood from animal villains. The series promotes underlying positive messages that we can all be our own superhero if we do the right thing.

Alex Howells and Ross Martin completed the online using Autodesk Flame.

Neil Haggerty mixed the audio using Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Damien Lynch.

Powerbirds Still