Nick & Margaret – We All Pay Your Benefits

Silver River | BBC 1

Sonny Sheridan


Jamie Selway


Chris Chalmers

Full post production on 2 x 60min programs for BBC1. Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford launch an experiment to discover how much benefit is enough to live on. Four claimants and four taxpayers will come face to face to explore each other’s lives and speak their minds. Their aim: to agree what level of benefit is fair.

Sonny Sheridan graded the series with the Nucoda Film Master. Sheridan’s brief was to strike a balance in colour that avoided influencing the viewer’s opinion, as the program weighs up the arguments over benefits. By casting a vibrant and filmic air to the program, utilizing a mixture of gold, blue and green hues, Sheridan created a balanced grade to the two-part series.

Avoiding a cool and bleak appearance, Sheridan implemented a warm colour palette to create a neutral atmosphere, allowing the program to focus on the content that Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore.
Damon Tai completed the online with Avid Symphony, and Jamie Selway mixed in Pro Tools 10.