My Spiral into Debt Hell

Silver River | Channel 5

Tam Osman


Chris Chalmers

Full post production on 1 x 60 min factual doc for Channel 5.

With household debt at record levels, My Spiral into Debt Hell meets four people who've each suffered shocking debt disasters.  Debra from County Durham borrowed £500 loan for a computer from a ruthless loan shark.  It turned into a ten year nightmare that cost her a staggering £128,000.  There’s Justyn, who seemed to have the perfect life but whose secret debts of £70,000 eventually cost him both his career and family.  23-year-old single mum Candice was a reckless spender who moved house four times to try and dodge the bailiffs.  And there’s Brighton-based Bryan who, despite fourteen years on benefits, built up £42,000 worth of debt.  He has no intention of paying anything back and blames the banks for lending him the money in the first place.

Colin Peters graded the one off doc with the Nucoda FIlm Master, Tam Osman completed the online with Avid Symphony and Laurence Gale mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11. 

The final master was delivered to Channel 5 as an AS-11 file, as per Channel 5's new file delivery specification, soon to be adopted by all Broadcasters in November 2014. 

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