Modern Times in Mayfair


Sonny Sheridan


Tam Osman


Nick Fry


Finishing post on 1 x 60 min documentary for BBC2

Modern Times in Mayfair, directed by James Rogan, explores whether the individuality and eccentricity of those who make the Mayfair village unique will survive the encroaching modern world. An intimate portrait of those who live, work and play in the most coveted square of the Monopoly board – where billionaires, shoemakers, doormen and social housing tenants mingle. The film reveals a world of surprises and deep contrasts, an estate agent selling multimillion-pound mansions, cafe owners hanging on to their livelihoods by their fingernails, an NHS doctor whose patients range from billionaires to people on benefits, an upmarket resident who dresses in Victorian clothing and a cabbie living in social housing.