Joanna Lumley Unseen Adventures

Burning Bright | ITV | 28/07/20

Sonny Sheridan


Nick Fry


Chelsea Chandler

Full post production on the 3 x 60 minute travel series for ITV.

Actress, presenter and much-loved travelling companion Joanna Lumley returns with this brand new three-part series, to share her previously unseen travelling adventures. Joanna goes back as far east as Japan and all across the world to Cuba in the west, to share her treasure trove of unseen stories and give viewers an insight into how her travel programmes are made and why she loves to make them.

Featuring behind the scenes footage and outtakes, we join Joanna at home as she recalls some of her most memorable journeys and hidden gems from her travels. The series offers viewers the chance to escape back to some incredible countries and enjoy their breath-taking scenery, with the added joy of witnessing what really happened along the way - from translation struggles, to filming with an overzealous dog and the challenges of extreme weather conditions.

Sonny Sheridan completed the grade using Digital Visions Nucoda.

Thomas Holborow completed the online using Avid Symphony.

Nick Fry mixed the audio on Pro Tools 12.

Post Produced by Chelsea Chandler.

Joanna Lumley Unseen Adventures Ep 1