Carnival Films | Sky 1

Aidan Farrell


Clyde Kellett


Harriet Dale

Picture post-production on an eight-part drama about the first English settlers in America in 1617.

Using ProRes 444 Log C rushes, shot on Arri Alexa, colourist Aidan Farrell graded the series using Digital Vision’s Nucoda, giving the show dynamic, powerful colours and textures, as well as a cinematic look. Sapphire plug-ins were used to distinguish the mood and tone of the series. In order to retain and complement the true tone and colour of the 1619 setting, special attention was paid to costumes, hair and make-up and set design.

Clyde Kellett completed the online edit and visual effects using Avid DS Nitris.

Post produced by Nick Baker and Harriet Dale.

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