Inside the KKK

Barcroft Productions | Channel 4

Perry Gibbs


Mark Redfern


Nick Fry


Kelly Giles

Full post production on 1x60’ observational documentary

In their first broadcast commission for Channel 4, Barcroft Productions has secured exclusive access to the ‘Traditionalist American Knights’- a Missouri-based modern-day faction of the notorious Ku Klux Klan- at a time when, following the Ferguson Riots, they are actively attempting to recruit a broader and younger membership.

The film will hear from and challenge the normally reticent KKK members. Offering a unique insight into an extreme organisation that many believe disbanded generations ago, the film will question the involvement in a movement that has received widespread condemnation for deplorable acts.

Perry Gibbs graded the one-off documentary with the Nucoda Film Master, using a combination of overlay and brightness contrast to give a specific texture to programme. Gibbs’ objective was to achieve high contrast whilst maintaining highlight details for a print-like look.

Nick Fry mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11 and Mark Redfern completed the online with Avid Symphony