In The Flesh

BBC Drama | BBC 3

Sonny Sheridan


Owen Hulme


Full post production on 3 x 60min drama series for BBC3. The series follows P.D.S (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferer Kieren Walker as he is reintegrated into society.

Sonny Sheridan used the functionality of the Nucoda’s auto tracker to highlight the different perspectives between the skin tones of the P.D.S sufferer’s pre and post reintegration.
As the un-dead are rehabilitated into society, Sonny’s subdued low contrast atmosphere portrays a village that has been traumatised by recent events. He enhanced specific colours of the countryside, emphasizing the natural beauty that still inhabits the world. This in turn, draws the eye away from the bleak de-saturated colours of the survivors and their post-apocalyptic society. 
Andrew Godwin mixed in stereo on pro tools HD and used the Antares Throat plug-in which affects vocal sound. This was used to create a specific quality for the voices of the P.D.S sufferers to separate them from the other characters.

Owen Hulme online is DS.