How To Get Ahead...

BBC Arts | BBC 4

Tam Osman


Nick Fry


Full post production on 3 x 60 min factual for BBC 4. Writer and broadcaster Stephen Smith finds out what it took to survive and prosper in the most artistic, decadent and dangerous royal courts in history.

Writer, broadcaster and Newsnight arts correspondent Stephen Smith explores Renaissance Florence under the reign of Grand Duke Cosimo Medici. Cosimo's fledgling court prized the finer things in life and some of the greatest painters, sculptors and craftsmen in world history came to serve the Grand Duke.

But successful courtiers had to have brains as well as brawn. The canniest of them looked to theorists like Niccolo Machiavelli for underhand ways to get ahead, whilst enlightened polymaths turned their minds to the heavens, and to ice cream.

Colin Peters graded How To Get Ahead: At Renaissance Court with the Nucoda Film Master. Peters’ brief was to create a rich and naturalistic environment by using vignettes and grads to compliment the stunning cityscapes and landscapes.

Peters highlighted the richness of the artworks further emphasizing the beauty within the programme. Nick Fry mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11 and Tam Osman onlined the programme with Avid Symphony.