Hotel India

The Garden Productions | BBC 2

Sonny Sheridan


Tom Corbett


Tam Osman


Full post production on 4 x 60 min observational documentary series for BBC 2, going behind the scenes of India’s oldest and most famous hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

The Taj is where the super-rich come to be treated like the maharajahs of India's past and where rooms can cost up to £9000 per night, all in a city where half of the population still lives below the poverty line. Over six months the film-makers follow the hotel's 1500 strong staff as they perform their duties with the mantra 'Guest is God' in mind.

Sonny Sheridan graded the four-part series with the Nucoda Film Master, using several Sapphire Plug-ins tools including clarity and sharpener to focus noise and light of the series. Sheridan’s aim was to compliment the vibrant, bright and lively culture of Mumbai, bringing the spice of India to the audience, and complimenting the stunning visual content.

Tom Corbett mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11, and was challenged by the sheer noise of Mumbai. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is located opposite the Gates of India, one of the busiest places in Mumbai. Moreover, Corbett focused on bringing the sound of Mumbai to life to compliment all of the beautiful footage that was shot across the series.