Monumental Pictures | Hulu and ITV Encore

Aidan Farrell


Owen Hulme


Harriet Dale

8 x 60 min drama series for Hulu and ITV Encore.

Colourist Aidan Farrell graded the series using Digital Vision Nucoda, enhancing the photography to create a stylised look that refl ected the distinct tone of Georgian London. To distinguish between rival brothels, Farrell pushed the saturation, creating vivid, striking colours that contrasted with the pastel, airy and overall brighter ambiences used to reflect a wealthier society.

Dubbing mixer Nigel Edwards mixed the 5.1 audio using Pro Tools HDX on an Avid S6 console. In addition to adding atmospheres and Foley to create a raucous atmosphere, Edwards cleaned up, de-noised and processed the audio to remove any 20th century location sound.

Post produced by Chris Foster and Harriet Dale.

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