Endor Productions | Feature Film

Jules Woods


Harriet Dale

The Farm completed audio post production on the 1 hour 24 minutes Feature Film, Gwen.

In the stark beauty of 19th Century Snowdonia a young girl, Gwen, tries desperately to hold her home together. Struggling with her mother’s mysterious illness, her father’s absence and a ruthless mining company encroaching on their land, a growing darkness begins to take grip of her home, and the suspicious local community turns on Gwen and her family.

Written and Directed by William McGregor

Starring Maxine Peake, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Jodie Innes, Mark Lewis Jones, Kobna Holbrook-Smith and Richard Harrington.

Jules Woods mixed the audio using Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Harriet Dale.

Gwen 2