Baby Cow | Sky Arts 1

Tom Corbett


Chelsea Chandler

Provide finishing post on the 1x30 min drama for Sky Arts, written by Angela Pell and directed by Marc Evans, Gifted is a tender and touching tale of a man (Rhys Iffans) crippled by a secret ability.

Senior colourist Colin Peters graded the drama on the Nucoda Film Master, and as many of the locations were set around docklands, Peters created a cool, industrial and futuristic guise throughout.

Cyan and blue tones were injected into the drama by exploiting Nucoda’s secondary colour corrections capability. Peters utilised the Nucoda’s auto tracker of shapes to retain flesh tone, and applied vignettes and grads to add to the drama.

Tom Corbett mixed in Pro Tools 10, and turned Iffans’ performance of Mr Bo Jangles into a distinct sound design piece as his birthday party crumbles around him. Iffans’ character is locked in an isolated world due to his disability, or rather ability he has. Trapped in this world, Corbett’s brief was to bring the outside in, removing everything bar the calls of a flock of seagulls as he stands alone in his office, highlighting Iffans’ isolation.

Thomas Holborrow onlined with Avid Symphony.