Gems TV

Rare Day | ITV 1

Nick Cox


Matt Jeffreys


Danielle Kranendonk

Full post production on 1 x 60 min documentary for ITV 1.

The Bennett family run Britain’s number one retail jewellery business – without having a single shop. Their customers buy jewels having seen them on cable TV. They have a close relationship with the owners, because Steve and Sarah Bennett – their son, aunties, in-laws and cousins – are frequently on screen.

Colin Peters graded the one-off documentary with the Nucoda Film Master using several Sapphire Plug-ins to achieve flares, glares, glows and glints. Peters used bright hyper real colours for the ‘on air’ sections of the film, contrasting with the more muted tones of the life behind the scenes. Moreover, during the expedition to Africa Peters gave the scenes a bold, bright essence, complimenting the location and vibrancy of the landscapes.

Matt Jeffreys completed the online with Avid Symphony and Nick Cox mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11.