Gathering Storm

Keo Films | Nat Geo | 22/06/20

Dan Gill


James Beynon


Joe Siddons

Nigel Edwards


Jen Powell

Anita Atwal

Full post production on 6-part series for National Geographic.

As Earth’s climate changes and storms grow more intense with every season, this global series offers a significant new perspective on the world’s biggest storms. 

Hundreds of cameras are given to people who work at sea wherever maritime traffic intersects the path of monster storms, from the Gulf of Mexico to the South China Sea and Bermuda to Philippines.  For an entire year, on cargo carriers, oil platforms, fishing boats and warships, they film the inside story of what happens when major storms threaten. Each episode unfolds  as a blow by blow drama, as forecasters race to predict the storm’s next move and workers battle to get the job done and to get home safe.  At stake is the job, their cargo, their equipment and their lives.

Dan Gill completed the grade using Digital Visions Nucoda.

James Beynon completed the online using Avid Symphony.

Joe Siddons and Nigel Edwards mixed the audio on Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Jen Powell and Anita Atwal.


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