BBC Drama | BBC1

Finishing post production on 6 x 60min new drama series for BBC 1. The life and loves of nurse Frankie Maddox and her team in modern day Bristol. This heart-warming, funny and ultimately life-affirming series is set in the challenging and complex world of district nursing.

Aidan Farrell and Sonny Sheridan graded the six-part series with the Nucoda Film Master. Frankie is a bright and vibrant character who wears her heart on her sleeve. Sonny and Aidan reflected these characteristics within the grade, creating a bright and colourful atmosphere with the use of vignettes and several Sapphire plug-ins. An autumnal colour palette was set to emphasize the brightness that shines from Frankie – mainly through the reds of her car, the purples of her jacket and blues of her scrubs.
Andrew Godwin mixed with Pro Tools, Owen Hulme onlined in DS.