Stone City Films

Sonny Sheridan


Barney Jordan


Sean Gatenby

Finishing post production on 1 x 96 min film

Electricity is an Alice in Wonderland for the modern day – an extraordinary hallucinatory journey seen through the eyes of a young woman with epilepsy (Agyness Deyn) as she searches for her lost brother. The Film combines strong, witty human drama with remarkable visual effects to create an immersive and compelling cinematic experience.

Shot on the Alexa camera and graded using the Nucoda Film Master, Sonny Sheridan wanted to create contrasts between normality and the vivid hallucinations of epilepsy which take her into a darker world. By using defocus effects, without it seeming artificial, he built layers and visually twisting hues within the shots. Sheridan tells a story with colour, playing with reflections and changing people’s perspectives. Showing the subtle things that will trigger her overwhelming uncontrollability, bringing you into her world of epilepsy.

Andrew Godwin mixed using Pro-tools 11. As the film follows the character suffering with sporadic fits, his aim was to create a soundtrack that reflected her experiences. Godwin mixed in 5.1 which allowed him to move sounds around the room, he used authentic sounds but distorted them to reflect her confusion. Throughout the film he introduced subtle sounds and music to show her misperception about what was real and what was experienced as a result off her illness.

Barney Jordan on-lined and mastered it using Avid DS. Additional visual effect touches were added throughout the film working closely with the Director Bryn Higgins and his vision for the film.