Dynamo: Magician Impossible Series 3 and 4

Phil McIntyre Entertainment | Watch

Sonny Sheridan


Daniel Evans

Picture and audio post production on Series 3 and 4, 4 x 60 min series for Watch. Dynamo takes his adventures to extraordinary new locations around the world, visiting the likes of New York, South Africa, Ibiza, India, USA and the UK, amazing everyone he comes into contact with.

Sonny Sheridan graded the four-part series utilizing the Nucoda Film Master’s multiple software attributes. His brief was to provide each episode with a flavour of the location.

Sheridan enriched the New York streets, the South African skyline, and the beaches of Ibiza by using several layers to highlight different tones and reflections found in these very different landscapes, whilst managing to keep a unique texture to each site. It was important for Sheridan to match the excitement of Dynamo’s magic to the colour and vibrancy of locations, such as Cala Bassa, Ibiza.

By utilizing a deep blue colour of the Mediterranean, a bright golden hue of the Ibiza beaches, Sheridan supported Dynamo’s unbelievable feats with a stunning, energetic and colourful backdrop. Dan Evans onlined in Avid Symphony and Dan Chapman mixed the series with Pro Tools 10.