Dynamo: Beyond Belief

Phil McIntyre TV | Sky One | 09/04/20

Full post production on the 3 x 60 minute documentary series for Sky One.

Beyond Belief is a three-part magic special that combines jaw-dropping magic with the story of Dynamo’s road to recovery after the career threatening onslaught of chronic arthritis. Throughout the three episodes, stunning moments of magic are intertwined with Dynamo’s brutally honest back story. The gripping series slowly reveals Dynamo’s journey from the start of his illness, through to the height of his hospitalization where he created over 200 new magic ideas sketched from his hospital bed, and finally to his return to health. From the neon lights of Tokyo to the Day of the Dead festival in San Miguel De Allende, Dynamo visits extraordinary and dramatic places all over the world. He performs a spine tingling encounter with a Geisha in one of Tokyo’s royal tea rooms, makes vodka shots turn to ice in the heart of Moscow’s underworld and embarks on a daring adventure in one of Mexico’s notorious Barrios.

Mark Redfern, Stef Henley, Del Shoebridge and Steve Dix completed the online on Avid Symphony.

Sonny Sheridan graded the series with Digital Visions Nucoda.

Gary Kelly, Jamie Selway and Luke Hodsdon to mixed the audio using Pro Tools 12.

Post Produced by Danielle Kranendonk.

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