Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2011

Carnival Film and Television | ITV1

Clyde Kellett


Aidan Farrell


Grade and online for ITV’s 1 x 120 minute Downton Abbey Christmas Special, which visits the Crawley family and the servants who work for them during the festive period of 1919.

Aidan Farrell graded the special with Nucoda Film Master. Sapphire and Tinder plug-ins were used to apply blue and turquoise hues; creating a cool and wintery exterior whilst maintaining a warmer interior with use of glows and flare effects. Colour was retracted from outdoor foliage, including rosebuds and trees, to enhance the transformation of late-summer shot pictures into the cold and wintery climate of the Christmas period during 1919.

Clyde Kellett onlined with DS.