Dial M for Middlesborough

Shiny Button Productions | Gold | 19/12/19

Full post production on the 90 minute television film for Gold.

Following the hugely successful Agatha Christie-inspired whodunnits Murder on the Blackpool Express and Death on the Tyne, unlikely super-sleuths Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson return with a killer group of comedy greats in the latest Draper’s Tours outing, once again written by Jason Cook. Terry (Vegas) and Gemma (Gibson) are forced to take refuge in a sinister and dilapidated caravan park after their coach breaks down. During the unplanned stay, visitors and residents begin to be bumped off one by one under grizzly circumstances. The all-star cast includes Sally Lindsay, Phil Davis, Mike Wozniak, Joanna Page, Jason Donovan and Annette Crosbie.

The series was graded by Perry Gibbs on Digital Visions Nucoda.

Mark Wybourn completed the online with Avid Symphony whilst Barney Jordan created the VFX on Flame Autodesk.

Jamie Selway and James Evans mixed the audio on Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Sean Gatenby.