Derren Brown: The Push

Vaudeville Productions | Netflix

Sonny Sheridan


Stef Henley


Chelsea Chandler

Full post production on 1 x 60 minute original for Netflix.

Four individuals are put through an impressive choreographed scenery to persuade them to do do things they would not morally do. In the final last minutes we see who will succumb to the social pressure and be willing to end someone else's life. 

Colourist, Sonny Sheridan graded the series using Digital Vision's Nucoda.

Editors, Stef Henley and Tom Lucas completed the online and FX using Avid DS.

Emilie Thomson, Damien Reynolds and Jordan Laughlin mixed the audio using ProTools 12 on an Avid S6 console.

Post-produced by Chelsea Chandler. 

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